About Garlic Grow.

Garlic Grow are an Irish based company based in Ballyvourney West Cork. Garlic Grow is committed to manufacturing and wholesaling slug repellent pellets which are 100% chemical free, long lasting, safe to birds, pets and the environment, as effective than products full of chemicals, and which are convenient for all Gardening enthusiasts!!

Garlic Guard slug repellent pellets are a new unique product in the market. Garlic Guard work by actually deterring slugs from coming near your planted area, while keeping pets, wildlife, and the environment unharmed in the process!!

Garlic Guard can be used by all types of gardeners, from deterring slugs from your  window-boxes, vegetable patches, and for the more large scale landscapers!!

To use just simply lightly scatter pellets around the designated area,Garlic Guard is trialed and tested to work in all types of weather conditions and environments. Re-apply approximately every 3-4 weeks in wet conditions and 4-5 weeks in dry condition’s!!



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No Slugs Here, Just Scatter Around Border!!


Harmless to Pets, Birds, And The Environment!!